TF Animated Blackarachnia


TF Animated Blackarachnia

TF Animated Blackarachnia is the 2065th Transformer that I've acquired.


the face on mine wasn't painted as well as yours. i fixed her though...

This is the one I want most because I've always loved the character. The only BA I have is the Beast Machines one and its just not the same.

Nice finds!! I haven't seen any of the TFA toys where I live ... hoping to spot them soon!!

And I'm anxious to hear your TF collector critiques on the new molds Nala ...

Yesterday for my birthday I was given Blackarachnia and Starscream. I was very excited as they were the ones I wanted most. My brother got BA while in Vancouver. I'm not sure where my friend found Starscream. The only problem I have is that Starscream was missing a thumb right out of the box. Otherwise he's awesome.

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