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I stopped posting and even really viewing the Flickr Transformers pools I belong to a long time ago.

Alas, I haven't seen Revlimit's stuff in a while and damn, if this Masterpiece Megatron pic isn't fantastic!

I never bought the add-ons for mine.

In fact, I don't think I ever put him in gun mode either.


That would explain why you don't have the seething anger most of the people who own him do. He's one of the most fragile toys EVER. There have been tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of people who have broken something on theirs be it part of his "armpit," legs, chest and waist name it. I actually wrote a pretty detailed review over at my site when I bought him last summer. He's both a Holy Grail AND "hall of shame" figure. If you thought the Takara MP Starscream was fragile you'd think that was as tough as a G1 diecast compared to how nerve-wracking it is trying to transform Megatron around without something feeling like it will break apart.

Absolutely agree with you there Sean, MP Megs is an absolute pain in the arse to transform. While I know it's supposed to be mainly for the adult collector, being a TF should mean it should fecking be able to transform without worrying it'd break!


I just purchased my Masterpiece Megatron this weekend, and just saw that add-on kit on Ebay last night. I was considering getting it, but realize it'd be something of a waste, since I don't plan on ever transforming him back to gunmode. I did it once already and the gun mode turned out to resemble a hair-dryer in both size and shape. Ridiculous. I was lucky to score a Japanese import without that ridiculkous plug, so that was cool. I was rather hoping that he would be lifesize instead of 2x1 scale.

Grumble, grumble, I know. Speaking of add-ons, I AM constantly being tempted by that fullsize MP Prime trailer the local Japan Import store has. But it's something like a hundred and fifty bucks at the store, and Ebay isn't much better. Definitely one of those "Eh, maybe one day when I have a spare two hundred lying around". Of course, at that point, I'd be spending it on the Japanese version of Prime, as I have the American version (had to have the talking base!!!!).

Yes, that's four exclamation points, entirely indcative of how cool a talking base for Optimus Prime is. :D

While we're on the subject, I had seen the Import-style long smokestacks for MP OP (in order to turn the American version into the correct one), and now can't seem to find them anywhere. Do you know of anyone who still makes them? Hopefully, it's not one of those things where they are impossible to locate now and I end up with a case of "Shoulda bought 'em when they were choking Ebay's MP OP search."

I've transformed him about three times without much difficulty. In two cases, there was the whole "ohshitohshitohshitit'sgonnasnap" moment once or twice, but I never found it as nerve-wracking as Starscream.


It usually seems to be the case that the shelf life of items like those are within a few months of official release. Like the Lukis brothers' Beast Machines accessory pack, or the custom long barrels for Alt Windcharger/Decepticharge.

Speaking of shitty quality, it seems like the new animated line is having really bad quality issues according to the folks at Seibertron.

They're really really amazingly good,but there's too many factory errors which make it into stores.
@Stormsigma: try Mark's Projects

Well, overall my opinion of the Animated toys is starting to go down. I think in Hasbro's quest for cartoon accuracy, toy strength and durability have been compromised. I have never seen so many parts break loose from Transformers during conversion. Prowl's legs are the worst offender, falling off every time. Ratchet legs frequently come loose at the hips. Megatron has a weird seam going across his chest that is structurally problematic, and his red cannon flaps fall off very easily. Blackarachnia's purple mandibles also fall off very easily during transformation. I'm sorry, but there should not be this many parts falling off a toy when you're trying to transform it. At least Bulkhead is sturdy across the board.

I´m not having any of these problems. Except maybe with blitzwing´s leg but that´s it.

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