Maybe my robut pictures will improve.


So I dropped some cash down on a Canon EOS Rebel XSi SLR today.

Battery is charging up.

Of course, being that is is a higher-end camera, it doesn't take AAs like all my point-and-shoots have.

I bought a second battery too ($50 frigg'n dollars) but she gave me the wrong one so it'll have to go back tomorrow or later today.

I'm in that weird post-purchase guilt phase that I slip into after buying any single one thing that is more than $20 or so.

I know it'll pass in a few days... but I always hate it when it hits. Not like I haven't been planning this for a while.


Nice! My little Fuji is starting to crap out on me and I'm trying to decide between a Kodak or a Canon.

My Father had the original EOS, which I've used many times. Fantastic bit of equipment... Now upgraded and it's still a beautiful camera!


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