A pretty face, a vague idea, I can't relate.


IA very dusty Defensor

A very dusty Menasor

A very dusty Computron

It has probably been close to 15 years since these Scramble City combiners were separated.

And man... are they dusty.


I bought the Protectobots over the summer and I was surprised by how small they were. I forgot that the combiners weren't really that much bigger than you average deluxe-sized figures. I guess I got spoiled by collecting Megazords for so many years. Say what you want about Megazords being really inferior to Transformers but for scale they have the old-school combiners beat.

I'll say this for the Scramble City Combiners, they're not as articulated as their modern day counterparts but they're still better than the Energon Combiners...

The Energon Combiners are nice but the whole having two limbs the same mold killed it for me...

And W00T! at Computron!

I love the Scramble City combiners ... many fond memories from childhood trying to complete just one team among myself and friends - everyone bought a different piece.

The Energon combiners had potential, and I agree with bruticus, if only they have 4 different limb molds, not repeats.

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