I wonder if I could make a Twitter competitor called Twatter?


I picked up and put back Animated Voyager Prime, the Megs/Prime 2-pack, and a Voyager Bulkhead.


I'm getting better.

Of course, then I dropped $400 on new deck furniture.

If it ain't one thing... it is another!


Yeah, but at least the deck furniture is practical and will get a lot of use whereas Animated stuff will probably end up in a box somewhere, right?

I did the exact same thing with the Voyager Prime. They only had the one at WalMart. I walked around with it for a bit and finally put him back. I have the deluxe one anyway. Good enough.
They had a Leader Megatron there too but when I price scanned it, it said to see someone for assistance which I couldn't be bothered to do.

Nala, I am 100% in the same space right now. I was walking around with the wife at Wal-Mart the other day and picked up a few different Animated toys, and the wife looked at me and asked "Have you seen the show? Do you care about any of these characters in the slightest? Will you EVER watch the show or care about any of these characters in the slightest?"

We left without them.

I am at a point where I am trying to scale back my incessant need for buying plastic when I could be saving for a massive number of other things.

What, is this place turning into a 12-step support group blog or something?

You will regret not buying Bulkhead! ;)

Also looking for that 12-step blog...

I grabbed the Voyager Bulkhead before I left for Europe, but haven't opened it yet (still!). Now wondering if I should do an exchange to get the bigger version. I hate multiples of the same reiteration of the same toy...

fpt: my short-but-sweet review of Voyager Bulkhead

The Good: He really is one of THE BEST deluxe-sized figures in this line.

The Bad: He really is one of the best DELUXE-SIZED figures in this line.

Seriously. Vehicle mode is cool. Transformation is cool. Bot mode is cool. He's just tiny. He literally looks up to the rest of the Animated Autobot crew.

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