All I gotta say is if the BBC pulls another f'n big ass Star Trek reset button next week (like they did last series) I'm gonna be pissed as hell.

Yes. I will!

With that said...

*possible spoilers ahead*

Dalek Caan...

Miscellaneous random thoughts and shit:

  • Does the "Three-Fold Man" that the awesomely fantastic and insane Dalek Caan is babbling about refer to the Doctor or someone else?

  • If a desperate individual Dalek can time-shift and end up back in the first year of the Time War, regardless of if it is Time-Locked or not, who's to say that a Time Lord with a TARDIS couldn't?

  • Obviously, major shit is up with Donna. And if, as the one servant at the Shadow Proclamation noticed, something is still on her back, what if this is all still part of a parallel reality around her. Which will then be used to reset at the end and piss me off!

  • They spent too many seconds showing the Doctor's hand for that not to have some significance with the regeneration bit at the end.

  • Rose's teeth and speech are much improved over last episode.

  • Kudos and thanks for putting Martha's mom in, however minor it was.

  • Luke and the Doctor have to meet!

  • Goddamn it Davies! Don't you know that Susan Foreman needs to make an appearance again and become even more powerful than her grandfather! I want Susan Foreman!!! I want Susan to hold the key to the return of Gallifrey!

  • I loved the redemption of Harriet Jones. Most unexpected yet most welcome.

  • Davros is as lame now as he was when he was introduced in Genesis of the Daleks. We've already seen with Dalek Sec that you can give better dialogue to the Daleks without having a lame Kaled-hybrid Captain Pike around. (Yes! I don't like Genesis of the Daleks messing up my 1st and 2nd Doctor Dalek continuity! Susan Foreman should kill Davros.

  • The possible Dalek destruction of Torchwood 3 gives a plausible explanation for a remodel for Series 3 of Torchwood, no?

  • Can a Pteradon eat a Dalek?

  • Even if they Star Trek Reset Button the next episode it still won't take away the fact that series 4 has been particularly excellent with only the Sontaran episodes kind of weak.

  • Susan Foreman could kick the Sontaran's asses!

  • Wouldn't it be incredibly complicated and awesome if the "Three-Fold Man" was actually the 3rd Doctor, who was the last Doctor before the 4th messed up Dalek history and hence, the 3rd holds the key to solving this dilemma sans reset button?

I can't wait until the next episode!!!

Then again, perhaps it'll end up as Regenesis of The Daleks and we'll end up with...

See... that's the kind of gay thing Davies would end up doing!


Just got around to watching this because i was busy when it aired and all i can say is that it was a truly awesome episode from start to finish but i do agree that if they pull off a Star Trek reset button next week that i will not be a happy bunny...

I don't think that the whole "The Darkness Is Coming!!!" thing is in reference to The Daleks though although i could be wrong...

And with Steven Moffat taking over from Russell T Davies, things can only get better in the Whoniverse...

Holy fucking shit, dude. THat was a crazy episode.

At the end, the wife had this slack jawed WHAT THE FUCK look on her face.

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