Far be it from me to say that Transformers should be for kids...


Tformers Scan of Transformers magazineI've neither read nor for that matter have I ever seen a copy of Transformers Magazine but this post about it over at Tformers.com had something that made me happy.

There's nothing happier than actually seeing a kid with Transformers toys!!!

It puts a smile on my face that the past few GRCs have actually had some kids there, happily playing with toys in the n10zguy and Evebird guarded toy area, while hundreds and hundreds of us whiny ass adult bitches aimlessly wander the same 2 rows of tables over and over and over and over again looking for some ungodly pointless thing to put on a shelf.

I'm happy I'm over my totally insane and pointless "mint-in-box" era of collecting as well.

What a sad thing it is to waste large sums of cash on stuff and then have it sit there unopened on a shelf as it had any real human value whatsoever.

You know that one day I'll just a give my Black Fire Convoy away to some kid or charity.

It is going to happen.

You know it.

I know it.

And on that day, I think I'll let The Hoont chew on Botcon 2007 Thundercracker for kicks too.


Brings a tear to the eye, doesn't it? I think that 9 year old even has a Alt Silverstreak (see Hasbro, as difficult as you'd like to make it, some kids/adults are smart enough to figure out the transformation of Alts/Binaltech)

Nala, i agree, ultimately, that picture is what Transformers are all about...

Kids toys and all that *nods*

A nine year old used "grateful" in a sentence? I'm stunned.

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