TF Movie Incinerator (Takara exclusive)


TF Movie Incinerator (Black)  (Takara exclusive)

Damn! I loves the black!

Takara exclusive TF Movie Incinerator is the 2026th Transformer that I've acquired.


Set the Sucker free, Set the Sucker free...

Just got my domestic one this past weekend and opened it last night. I like the colors with both releases, but man I wish he was bigger!

He looks cool in black, and I really like this mold, despite the back kibble!!


Look...look at his face. I recognize it...not quite identical, but certainly a family resemblance...

Incinerator, you're Thomas the Troop Transport!


Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

I've been looking for this guy for ages and finnaly found one! My one was loose though, so I didnt get the allspark but I honestly dont care, I just love the black repaint so much more than the origonal. I was pretty surprised that I only had to pay about $30 as every other black incinerator I've seen has sold for anythng from $60. I was just wondering how much this figure cost you?

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