For the other Mister T...


Dai Atlas is free!

A totally blurry crappy quick photo for Mister Terrific.


Nala, what's he like material wise ?

Is he Mega SCF rubber type or Revoltech plastic type ?

Don't know if that makes sense to you but i'm thinking of splashing the cash down on MAS Dai Atlas for my 300th figure...

Mr Terrific, Remy chucked up a pretty awesome (as usual) gallery a while back for DA...

Just thought you might be interested *nods*

Say. Weren't you not three hours ago whining about saying something about "no crack." Sheesh. ;-)

Pardon my ignorance, what series is he from: RID, Armada, Energon, etc. ????

I can't wait to see how he compares with the deluxe, articulate PVCs from a few years ago. I'm keen to put him beside Victory Sabre.

He slices General Predaking from top of the head all the way down in half and pretty much kills off most of the gestalt generals.

What was strange was that General Predaking seemed to have an organic brain when he got sliced and diced...

I agree though, he was pure awesomeness in place of Star Saber...

That's probably for the best *nods*

Thanks for the info & videos Nala.
Transformers Zone sounds cool.

You forgot to mention the fact that he sliced Predaking in half with the giant Z. It's apparently his ZONE SABER, but it looks way too ridiculous to wield in any manner outside of the super Henshin FINAL ATTACK method.

Awesome figure, tho.

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