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Robot Devil and Fry

I'm feeling almost lost without any new Futurama to watch.

For the past month or so I've been rewatching all the seasons, an episode or two a night before I crashed, and I recently finished the "The Devils Hands are Idle Playthings" and well... that's it.

There were quite a few episodes in season 4 that I hadn't seen when they were broadcast because FOX constantly preempted the show because of football or the like. 7:00pm on Sundays was the worst frigg'n place for it. Why they didn't put it at 8:30 after The Simpsons is beyond me.

What started my recent Futurama geek-on was finding Season 3 for $20 at some video gaming store and then just realizing I needed something without much investment every night. Well... that became a "must have" every night.

"The Beast with a Billion Backs" can't get here fast enough!.

The DVDs are worth every penny. Every single creator commentary is worth it too. You really need to rewatch each episode with the commentary on. I can't say that about too many DVDs.

That's the beauty of this show: it was by geeks but not necessarily for geeks!

Lrrr and Ndnd

I'm hoping eventually that figures of Lrrr and NdNd are made.

I do believe that the back and forth married couple bitching between Lrrr and NdNd in "Spanish Fry" may be some of the funniest dialogue I've ever heard. No. Really!

However, I'd pee my pants and blow the Robot Devil himself for a Tinny Tim figure!!! It'd be fantastic if they could make one like the Simpsons figures that have audio clips that play.

Tinny Tim is the greatest character ever!

Tinny Tim is the greatest fictional character ever!

All good things come from Tinny Tim you gentle jerkwads!

Don't forget it!



oh futurama! i can watch the episodes over & over & over, and it is always funny, and it seriously seems to get better. i love it!! i wish they made better figures for the show, i do have bender, fry & leela. i think there needs to be a figure set of characters like "mom" and her fake dress. that would rock!

FOX didn't like Futurama for some reason. I remember reading somewhere that Billy West said in an interview "We're on at 7 o'clock on a network who's motto is 'FOX, it all starts at eight!'"

One of the best animated shows in television history, IMHO.

My favorite part about Futurama is the subtle continuity that you don't even know is there until it's all strung together in "The Why of Fry".

I really like Futurama but found "Bender's Big Score" kind of underwhelming. Then again, I don't think the series really found its mojo until the second season, so hopefully they're back on their feet.

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