Emergency Post (Hopefully)


I don't even know if this post will work.

Whatever the problem is, this blog installation is probably toast.

Working with Dreamhost support hasn't helped yet.

I've downloaded Putty and tried ssh into the server and looking and stuff like their Wiki said but my Unix days are way in the past and I'm lost with this shit.

The one email response said something... and I really found this funny...

Looking at your access logs I don't see anything out of the ordinary,
although I'm not used to dealing with MT. To be honest, the moment MT
sites become somewhat popular they generally outgrow shared hosting. This
may be the reason why.
So see... I can blame you all! :-)

Seriously though, I can't explain the problems and apparently they can't but it all started right after they had their server cluster problem.


And I came home today to a box that I thought was Henkei Megs and the 2 new Revoltechs but it was actually my birthday present from Giga.

And for my birthday... Moxie?



I had never had it before.

It is... oddly amusing.

Anyway, hopefully things'll be back to running normally and I'll be back to normal and jaded about Transformers for the week.

Though seriously... the thought of dumping some boxed Armada and Energon stuff at the con has brightened my week considerably.

However, don't make me comment on David Kaye as a guest at the con. As my friend said in an email this morning...

All we need now is Simon Furman, Scott McNeil, and Peter Cullen, and I will have absolutely no reason to come back on Saturday.
So glad I'm not staying all weekend. I guess it's nice for people who have never met him. But I really don't need to hear another 10 people ask him to say "Yessssss" in his Beast Wars Megatron voice. Or ask him how to break into voice acting. Ugh."
Yeah... that's about what I thought too.

Absolutely zero care in the world.


Yeah,the blog is quite fuxed right now.

Make Mine A Moxie!

Hope you sort your blog problems out... I like my lil taste of Mid-West Americana every afternoon when the baby's having a nap...


we have moxie in bottles here... i haven't tried it. maybe i should...

as far as guests at botcon, i am with fairplay on that. why the hell are they announcing this only a month before? and who are the other people?? it seems like the company running it likes to take everyone's money and not give much back... i am glad i didn't sign-up. i was considering hopping a plane for a day to go, but then, maybe not. :P

Yeah, hopefully the blog site issues will be resolved soon.

I'm like Mark, I enjoy my regular Nala TF commentary ...

Teresa is with me. We shall overcome!

Really, I don't care who shows. I mean I'd like to meet the voice of Bumblebee or Gary Chalk or Frank Welker, all of whom I've missed. And I kind of want to have David do a voice recording for my answering machine but in his "chez 106" radio voice.

But it's a month left. It just feels, I don't know, unplanned! Why have the convention when you can just sell the toys online? I really didn't want to be this bitchy about the Con all the time.

Sigh. I don't know if DollCon makes me feel better or worse. Worse because THEY HAVE A GUEST AND THEIR FORM HAS BEEN UP FOR EXACTLY ONE DAY! Or better because the thought of a Headman collector set is lamer than... oh I don't know... Earth Three Autobots perhaps...

I'm not sure what you pay now for what quotas etc. but I work for a host which offers a paid MT install add-on ($3/mo) with full support/upgrades etc. That said, it's still possible for MT to be sucky on shared hosting, even when the MT is managed, but I don't think yours would probably be an issue, guessing.

You could always try self hosting. I don't do it for lameazoid.com but I do it for joshmiller.net.

Of course joshmiller.net gets a very small fraction fo the traffic that lameazoid.com does.

I still haven't forgiven David Kaye for standing me up at Mechacon 2.0. I got to meet Gary Chalk, Scott McNeil and Alec Willows, all of whom were very cool. Hell, Optimus Primal/Prime himself handed my son a Beast Machines poster and he still hasn't stopped grinning. I can't believe Botcon is this big huge deal and they still haven't announced the itinerary. Glad I'm not going. *lies*

Moxie - ugh. It tastes like a carbonated mixture of liquorice and vomit.

@Heavyarms - Hmm, so Moxie sounds like it tastes as bad as Big Red (I think only available in Texas).

I use WordPress for both my blog and Powet.TV. It has some caching plug-ins that reduced are server load significantly.

I would recommend not using WP without the WP-cache plugin specifically.

We've got Big Red up here in Oheeio.

In so far as I've been able to determine, it's almost exactly the same as Scotland's "Irn Bru" (sadly banned by the FDA for using some sort of carcinogenic orange colouring).

Big Red + Vodka = EPIC AND WIN

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