And I got White Castle coffee too!


So for the birthday, former Nala roommate The Pickett found and printed out these custom paper Transformers.

Birthday present from The Pickett

I'm thinking they might have been created by the guy that does that that Incredible Change-Bots comic. Or at least the instructions pages sure look like his style.

Any of you guys seen these before?

What's really funny is the paper G1 Megatron looks a thousand times better than the actual G1 Megatron toy!


Only thing i've found like that is these and this

Not actually got round to printing them out and building them yet but the Blackout one looks OK...

Yeah,thos got posted at tfans the other day,they´re sweet,imagine the awesomeness if that megatron would be transformable like jetfire and prime.

I love this stuff! Nothing beat the punch out Smurf Village I had back in the days before Transformers ruled the Earth. Or that could be the Gentleman Jack talking. However these types of papercraft have always held appeal. My dad even has a whole train set that Lionel made in papercraft from the 50's---uncut of course.

Man, I would have loved to have the S.T.A.R.S. base that Hasbro did with their mail-ins---the parents wouldn't spring for it though. . . but at least I got Sunstreaker, Wheeljack and a replacement Thundercracker out of the deal.

If anyone's interested, here's a link for quite a few of them

I'm not a very arty/crafty person so I'm pretty sure if I attempted them, they'd end up straight in the bin

Yeah, crazy paper/cardboard toys were the best. I *wish* I had the Sears-exclusive Cobra HQ playset they sold - partially 'cause one of those, unpunched, has gotta be worth groceries for a month, you know?

Why didn´t my comment make it through. Now i must smash the interwebs in frustration.

Those are way better than the blocky paper formers I've seen in the past. These were literally a bunch of boxes that folded to sort of transform.

Simple and fun though. These sorts of Papercraft are complicated as heck (I used to have a huge thing for Papercraft).

I don't think these were Jeffrey Brown. His style's way too unrefined for anything that would actually fit together.

Incredible Change Bots turned out to be a pretty good time.

Yikes,that sucks,wheelie-style!

I'm with Hooper X - why couldn't I have been smart and sprung for the Cobra Sears Base (or the black Vamp/MMS combo)...

And Nala, you put me to shame with all your home renovation stuff. You're like all adult-like.

Child-like, which would require you to turn your back on home renovation, and curl up with video games, transformers, or a blog.

Something that I feel like doing when I face the kitchen challenge.

Rather you than me when it comes to gardening! My ideal garden consists of several gallons of concrete...


I'm too lazy, er, busy to build paper TF crack ...

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