Damn you Frowny McBeardo!!!


Revoltech Megatron ThumnailSo I've been emailing back and forth with the awol Frowny and while he doesn't send any regards, I can assure you he's alive and well.

Our conversations turned to JRSToyworld and I had quite frankly totally forgotten about that store.

Of course, they had some shit on sale that I wanted and I also snagged some surprise crack for Giga as an Arbor Day present or something.

Revoltech Megatron?

Yup! And JRSToyworld has him on sale for only $16.99!!!

That's the cheapest I've ever found him. I'd have bought him from BBTS with the other order but they were sold out.

I bought a few other Encore things that were on sale.

I kind of feel guilty about that though since I don't really get off on the G1 stuff.

Oh well.

Once an addict... always an addict.

But something happened at work today that makes me feel good enough to wipe the toy guilt out this time.


I may pick up Revy Prime & Megs in the future if I find them reasonably priced. But they're not a priority...

My regards to everyone.

Yeah, sometimes personal issues get in the way of all the cracktastic cracktalk. But I assure everyone that I didn't get hooked on plastic jenkem while I was away.

Of course, I've recently accepted the fact that I am a miserable Geewunner living in the past, since I find myself incapable of watching Animated due to the presence of AutoDauber.

Frowny lives! Hooray!

Well, I guess I've cracked.
I just bought a Revy Prime & Megs 2-pack from a DemonBay online store.

Man, I feel dirty with myself...

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