Twintwist next?



Wow! For a second there, the little picture over at's post about Topspin here really made me double-take. It looks like some kind of Convoy/Prime.

The plastic isn't final so I suppose we can expect the same level of translucent plastics here in like colors.

I never did sell the other 3. I always figured they'd be the first to go but for some reason, I find translucence appealing.

I suppose I've unconsciously set them aside into the "not for sale" boxes because I'm curious what they'll all look like combined.

Hopefully Barricade will be the center piece since he's very stable. If it is Storm Jet from Superion Maximus then regardless of translucence I gotta dump him. Without some new design for that shitastic tiny waist peg, he's a worthless center piece. (Then again, isn't Barricade being used for that Onslaught figure? If so I doubt it. Who knows.)

What do I love most of about these guys?

Thinking of how fast it takes Evebird to get this on Ebay the second he finds it in his mailbox!

I don't think he's ever had one of these longer than 24 hours.


I was rather pleased with last year's piece. First I have gotten. Still not sure whether I want to buy the others or not. Probably should do it later this year in the off chance they sell out when the whole thing is finally out.

I too am curious what the final result will be but from what folks have gleamed from the comic it does look like the combaticon center.

I have the original from when I was a kid. I thought he was white and blue and also an Autobot?

Names and affiliations are irrelevant when repaints are concerned.

I didn't much care for the Energon combiners, but I got my daughter the Classics Constructicons and they seem pretty freaking awesome... (mashing two sets together for an entirely green Devastator helped.)

So... now I'm looking at these guys and wondering how sweet they'll look with a matching scheme. Although it's disappointing that they've not used either of the Constructicon limbs - they've got the best pseudo-elbow-joint articulation out of the whole lot.

Hmm... choices, choices...

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