Torchwood: Gayer than gay that ever gayed a gay.


So I'm extremely happy that BBC America has started to run at least one program only 1 week after it airs on BBC2.

And I can only hope that they do so with Series 4 of a certain 10 generation of a certain Gallifreyan Time Lord when he starts up again later this Spring.

But man oh man... the series debut of Torchwood was truly, as someone here commented about, totally gay.

***possible gay spoilers ahead***


I mean... this show is gayer than a Robot Convention or even a bareback Hot Desert Knights video!

I just cringe so much at how truly gay this show is and it isn't even a show about gay or lesbians!!! Liberace literally looks straight compared to Torchwood.

It has got to be a Russel T. Davies prerogative in all his shows.

Anyway, after the various man-on-man and implied man-on-poodle action, the new series may actually be a step in the right direction from the debut season's rather awkward "we really don't know what the hell we want to do with this series or these characters" feeling.

Captain Jack is back (of course) from his missing year with El Doctor y Marta Jones and he seems to have shrugged off his Post-Rose-Vortex-Resurrection angst finally.

The team is now just that... more of a team... and Gwen has managed to lead them since Jack ran off with a pickled Time Lord hand in a jar.

I actually like the fact that she now resents Jack cock blocking her management of the team and I hope that stays a part of this season.

Anyway, "Captain John", former gay lover/Time Agency Partner of Captain Jack shows up and pretty much gives the Torchwood team their first taste of Jack's past.

And yes! It appears to be all early 80s Adam Ant vests and big honk'n guns and sexual innuendo time travel wrist bands!!! There's a lipstick trick too! Yup!

(Apparently Captain John also played Brainiac on Smallville and was on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, two shows I've seen little more than 10 minutes of.)

So anyway.

Things happen.

Man-to-man kisses are exchanged.

Jack sets up a manly date with Ianto Jones who must be bi because just last season he was harboring his secret chick-turned-Cyberwoman in the base.


Torchwood's back on the air for another season!!!


To paraphrase a certain Springfield resident... I like my beer cold, my robots transforming, and my Doctor Who spin-offs flaming!


Told yah!

2nd one's a good 'un though...


No amount of warning me could have prepared me for it though.

I'm hoping it gets better.

Any idea (from your end) how I can get some kind of watchable episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures???

I've only seen the pilot and I so want to see the rest!

Let me look into it and get back to you, I have some friends who work for the BBC and they might be able to help. Granted, they work for See Hear, the dead affairs programme, but they do have their fingers in a lot of pies as it were...


Dead Affaires programme???

Hmmm, interesting typo there! DEAF! Not my fault D and F are so interchangeable!



Captain John / James Marsters is pretty awesome. Buffy the Vampire Slayer may not be your cup of tea, but he made the show very watchable... he also wins an award for having the best sounding British accent ever to come out of an American.

It's going to be interesting to see how this one plays out, Stand And Deliver and all.

Nala: The man-to-man, and even the woman-to-woman (I'm suprising myself here) kissing stuff MUST STOP on this show!

At first I sort of laughed it off in Season

When I started watching this show it had such promise, and for that matter, it still kinda does. However, I'm not digging the Queer As Folk-ness, L Word-ness it has slowly evolved into.

It definitely challenges my sense of open-mindedness, I guess.

I can handle a certain level of gay--Graham Norton is funny to me, even with his many gay jokes, but I'm finding out my limits.

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