The greatest Transformers review ever!


Optimus Prime is "that motherfucker"!

One of the funniest Transformers movie reviews I've come across.

I think I need to watch more of this chick.

You need to listen to the whole thing since it is really funny.

Well. Maybe not.

To each his or her own.



Man, her review of Bay's POS was almost as good as this one.
I'm so glad Bay's moved onto something bigger & more over the top like this "I used 7 helicopters"

That thing about raping & molesting his ass - now that is some whacked shit. F#ck, quit smoking all Lindsay's Coke - how the hell's she supposed to get high when there's none left for her?

I run a movie theater. I woulda kicked her out for using her phone to text and crap. I hate people like that. Its distracting! You pay $10 to go to a movie and you spend all your time texting people? Then there is all the people around you trying to enjoy the movie and they can't because of all the light your phone is producing. Gah!

That Carl Guy:

I hope that's irony. Cause seriously, if the light from a cell phone is seriously a distraction at a movie, there are more serious issues at hand than a disturbed movie experience. lol

Seriously, I have a problem with that, too. I want to bash people's heads for that shit. Some are as bad as waving a fucking flashlight around.

I also find open cell phones in the movie theater an annoying distraction. I go to the theater for the experience and rude phone edicate is really starting to eat away at that.

Just have to group those with people to dense to understand the plot and need things explained to them during a movie.

Probably wasn't much of that during Transformers though...wasn't much plot there.

Its not so bad if its just one person but if you let the one person away with it then everyone does it. It can be really bad and I've actually witnessed fights between customers over it. Thats why at most theaters they give you one warning then they boot you out. I've seen that happen a lot too.

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