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So I finally was able to repair a SD card and get a few photos off from when I was moving.

From moving day - some of the plastic crack.

Some of the crack is in the basement but I have no idea when I'll ever touch it again. There's just so little time right now for toys.

From moving day - The Hoont dead after the insanity of moving day.

I had forgotten how stressed out Hensley got from all the moving and all the people in and out of both houses last month.

He, much like his owner, was a total mess.

And unlike his owner, he's actually adjusted quicker to everything.

Of course the demands placed upon him by the powers that be, which is pretty much to eat, go for walkies, and poop, really don't require too much effort.

I snapped this photo late at night after he was completely and utterly dead tired and pretty much passed out in this big dog bed that he never used before.

It was all we had available since his normal bed was buried.

I'm still not sure why the data corrupted on so much of that SD card.

Anyway, time to get ready for costumed frogs at my door.

Oh. If while I know most of you could care less, some of you have followed my other little hobby over the past few years and it is in full swing already.

I'll be trying to consolidate The Domicile renovation posts over at "Domicile: A Story of a House in Clintonville".

It also will be serving as a test bed for some different site structure testing for MovableType 4.


TM!!! This is James D., son of Dave D! This is awesome!!!

Hey SH! Welcome!

Happy Hallowe'en!

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