No toys, but lots of Play-Doh!


Hallowe'en 2007: Gravestone

I couldn't find much in the way of toys to hand out and that was fine.

The Play-Doh was quite popular and went over well.

In the end, we passed out about 10lbs of candy, there were a lot of 13 year old girls that looked like they basically dressed as slutty whores, and I ended up drinking 2-6 more beers than I should have.


Someone from The Domicile had to dress up and it sure as hell wasn't going to be me or Giga!

Hallowe'en 2007: the Hoont in costume.

Guess who picked the short straw?

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He looks somewhat slightly disturbed at being forced to dress up...

That picture and the look on his face is a classic though...

Well, where's the pictures of the 12-13 year old slutty whores?

Last night, I was glad to see that we only got one slightly-trampish underage girl last night, she was a "sexy devil," complete with elbow-length gloves and a tube top. That was not cool. I looked at my 2-year-old little girl (in her zebra costume), and thought "Not in a million years."

Sadly, I only had one non-dressed up kid. She walked up and was wearing a polo shirt and jeans. "What are you supposed to be?" "I didn't dress up this year." She looked like she was maybe 14. I looked at my son and said "go get the hose." She giggled. I looked at her and deadpanned "I ain't kiddin'." She skee-daddled. It was pretty funny.

It would not have been appropriate.

I hope you know I was kidding.

I just can't believe how many parents let their daughters go out dressed like that. "Mom, can I dress like something out of Frederick's of Hollywood for Halloween?" "Sure honey."

I have already picked the costume I'm going to let my daughter wear during her adolescence, the Michelin Man.

It's a father thing. Though I would add, there's much more important matters than how your daughter dresses up - like showing would-be suitors your well-maintained shotgun collection. :)

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