Yup. There's no way it can ruin my fondness for the real books.


Utter total shit.

I'm not sure if manatees bouncing beach balls with words on them helped write this piece of shit or not but man oh man, I'm so sorry for all the people who confuse this shit with anything that remotely resembles Pere Herbert's work.

Frank Herbert took more than half a decade to write Dune and construct the themes that would permeate throughout the 5 other novels. And it took him 2 decades to do those full 6 books.

The mere fact that a new piece of shit has been churned out like clockwork every Autumn is the indicator that there is no real love or skill involved in the production of any of these.It is poorly written Harlequin Romance science fiction, though saying that is probably an insult to Harlequin Romances.

And now... fans of the originals get bitch slapped with the corporate joke that is "I found my father's notes for Dune 7 hidden away in a safe deposit box".

My other favorite quote has been along the lines of "Dune 7 was a story so massive we had to write all this other material and then make Dune 7 two books itself to contain the awesomeness". Can you see the corn in my vomit?

If this novel was this awful... I can only imagine what the no doubt Type 9 Sandworms of Dune is like.

When I registered Secher Nbiw so many years ago I never realized the apocalypse I mentioned was actually the writings of Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.


Ha Ha

I love the Stool Chart, I would add the movies Highlander 2 & Battlefield Earth as descriptors for type 8 as well!


What I don't understand is how Kevin J. Anderson keeps getting published year after year.

He's a factory. Simple as that. I'd say by now most publisher's do not go to him for quality they go to him for product.

In fact, I suspect that he's more than one person due to the repetitiveness of "his" writing.

Sometimes he's runny
Sometimes he's firm
Sometimes he's practically water
Sometimes he hangs off the end of your @ss and won't fall in the toilet 'cuz he's just clinging to your sphincter and he won't drop off and so you shake your @ss around and try to get it to drop in the toilet and finally it does...

I quit reading Dune after Children of Dune, or Dune Messiah, whichever the third one was. Each one got progressively more boring. I thought the first book was fantastic, though. Holy crap, I didn't realize how many more books have been put in the series.

Did you ever watch the Sci Fi miniseries? I thought it was fairly faithful to the source material and leaps and bounds above that Alan Smithee trainwreck.

Heavyarms: There's just no way you can truly adapt the first 3 books for television or film. They are just too deep.

Now the 4th book is my favorite, but I can totally understand why someone would hate it and find it so boring. Herbert started really delving into philosophy and ecology on a far larger scale and in fiction, that can come off wrong.

I love Heretics and Chapterhouse but man oh man, this shit by his son and Anderson is just total churned out product to make money off of a name.

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