Dirty. But not as dirty as reading Hunters of Dune.


I was trying to find that metallic Megatron but the Best Buy at Polaris Fashion Mall (awful name) never got him or the Ratchet.

However, I was in the mood for some kind of fix to quench my relatively crack-free past few months and ended up buying the DVD release that came with the Robot Heroes repaints.

I mean... let's face it, first and foremost I'm always a TF toy loser.

The fiction, be it movie, cartoon, or comic will always come 2nd place.

And I figured I'd end up wanting the 2 toys anyway since they are so small and the New and Improved Plastic Crack Collection will pretty much have to be a small thing indeed.

I may watch the movie again tomorrow.

Well... maybe certain scenes.

There are quite a few scenes that were just awful to watch.

Maybe slow down some of the insanely too fast battles.


best buy suckered me with the little robot heros repaints...i couldn't resist!

I picked up the Target version - cheesy transforming DVD Optimus Prime case with prequel comic, but the same price as the regular 2 disc version.

Lemme guess, you want to watch John Turturro getting peed on by Bumblebee, huh? Over and over and over, right?

I went with the Target-exclusive version. Meh.

To me, all the robo-fistfights look like someone just tossed a camera into a box of old car parts, shook it around and just recorded that.

God, I hope they change things for the second movie (starting with directors)

No no no!

I'm in it for the deleted pooping scene!

Nala did you find Metalic Megs? if not I'll see if we still have some in stock here in town.

I only went to one store.

If you find one let me know.

That's the only movie Megs I planned on getting.

Unless Jin Saotome is gonna donate a new house warming gift! :-)

Sorry Nala called today and they are all sold out here and won't get any more in.

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