New House: Day 4



Well, I'm having to post this from the Cup O Joe in Clintonville since there were all kinds of problems installing our broadband last Friday once I took possession of the house. TW tried 3 different modems and there was nothing so this is the best I can do.


I have to offer up the greatest thanks in the world to the following people who made this insane "less than 24 hour" move possible: Kelmeister, Kelmeister's Husband, MaxPower, Cynned, JayK, the NalaOjciec and NalaMatka, Evebird, and PamA.

The amount of time... not to mention backbreaking labor that was exerted from Friday night to Saturday night to move the entire contents of the house is appreciated beyond any words I could say or type.

I can only imagine the swearing and cursing that everyone had to be saying under their breath, especially at the attic shit.


80% or more of the toys will have to go. There's no doubting that now. I just can't see having these with the lack of a 4th bedroom. Target has this nice, though overly priced, shelf that will fit well in my office and will probably be the control space for toys for here on out.


Hensley has adapted. The first night there put him off but he's getting better.

Ziggy has spent most of the past 2 days hiding in the basement. Chester, annoying alpha male that he is, pretty much wanders the house screaming out his general displeasure with the world.


Boxes! My life is literally just boxes and boxes and more boxes. They are in every room, the basement, and are also completely filling the garage!

As soon as I leave here I'm heading back to try and set up my office and the front bedroom so I can get the clothes in drawers and the aquariums set back up. Neither has had the filter operational in the past few days and I hope it doesn't have too much of a negative effect on the danio/cory tank. Number Six will survive a nuclear apocalypse so I don't worry too much about him.


Unfortunately, my laptop will not read my SD cards. I don't know if the camera is in fact damaged (my mother dropped it) or if it is a data issue caused by not reformatting the card in-camera.

Not that I have anything other than pictures of boxes shoved into spaces, rooms, and crevices.


The worst thing that happened is that my glasses broke so I'm without my extra eyes.


Ok. I'm heading back home to start working. At the moment I couldn't tell you where anything is if you asked!



I sympathise absolutely with your situation at present! I'm still sorting out my house and I moved in middle of July!



Nothing but my sympathies, sir... but on the bright side, it's all done now (barring unpacking and what have you.) So... kick back, relax, and enjoy the new House of Love. :)

Ah, don't sell the toys dude! It's been my experience that you'll just have to pay a lot more if you ever decide to buy the figures again sometime down the road.

It actually is possible to have room for all of your toys in your home. It's just not always possible to display them all at once. I have somewhere between 3,000-5,000 action figures and I actually have room for them in my condo/apartment. What I do is I make one bedroom into a "storage room" of sorts and then I have two "display rooms." I obviously don't have the room in my two display rooms for all of the figures though (especially since one of said rooms is my office/bedroom) so I just rotate the theme from time to time. I'll have all of my Star Wars stuff out for two or three months, then all my Transformers stuff, and then Star Trek and so on and so forth.

But I can totally understand just being tired of having all of the plastic crack out on display as well so I guess I can see where you're coming from on wanting to free up space and room in your place.

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