The House of Love Wedding.



It was a nice evening actually.

There was me, Giga, the buyer, her Hungarian fiance, a minister/something guy, and our two realtors.

I was the photographer, but I didn't use my camera so I don't have any people photos to show you.

Plus, it wouldn't really have been appropriate.

The remains of a wedding in the House of Love

There was champagne, and I even pulled out my grandmother's wedding crystal for the bride and groom to use.

I learned a bit about the buyers.

She's a teacher that recently got a permanent position at the University. They met in Hungary. This is her first house. They looked at houses all summer and found nothing they liked until they opened the front door of the House of Love and immediately fell in love with it.

They love the stairwell. They loving the dining room. They love the living room. They love the kitchen. They love the way the bedrooms come together at the center of the stairs. They love the Attic of Love. They especially love the Hoont.

I didn't bother to ask if they liked the *cough* lovely *cough* bathroom.

The irony of it all is that it somewhat mirrors my own experience in finding the house after looking at 49 places in 2003 and then only going on the last run with my realtor to tell her I was totally over looking at houses. They had been looking for months and this was pretty much the last one before they were going to throw in the towel.

But all in all, it was nice, and it was special for them in a city where they don't really know anyone at all and are buying their first house together.

Ultra Magnus discovers the champagne!

And then Ultra Magnus discovered the damn champagne.

He didn't have time for the ceremony.


Quick! Make a counter offer and raise the price now!

I love that Ultra Magnus. I wish I kept up with this stuff better, if I had known he was going to be discontinued right after he was released I'd have picked one up. As it is, I have to wait until November to get my Revoltech Convoy.

I love this Magnus. I rarely pick up the Convoy but I made sure not to pack Magnus away.

Well, I'm glad it wasn't a prank, but I am a bit upset no one cockpunched Ashton Kutcher.

It's also good to know that someone appreciated all the damn work you put into the place.

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