I think I would have been ballistic if I'd have gotten suckered into going to this shit.


This was pretty much the same thing that happened when I saw the sneak footage of the X-files movie at the official X-Files convention. Except for the asshats pretending to be government agents. It was into a tractor trailer, sit down, watch 10 minutes of movie, leave. I don't even remember what part we saw.

It still sounds like even though the movie will suck ass, it will be total eye candy. How sad is it that movies nowadays can be reduced to, "well, at least it looked cool."

I guess I must be in the minority then, with all my waiting-to-actually-see-it-instead-of-assuming-it-sucks-when-it-hasn't-even-been-finished-yet...-ness.

I'm never one of the cool kids.

Kel: Unfortunately, that's pretty much what I thought of the last 3 Star Wars films. I wish Lucas would have let somebody else direct.

Zero: It'll definitely be a fine action film. My general comment was getting suckered into going to one of these preview things and having to get all the gimmicky marketing stuff thrown at you. That would totally have cause me to walk out. Sad that they showed an unfinished clip though. That would have kind of irked me a bit too, especially if I had to wait in line for a long time.

Nala: I agree the SW prequels were not that great, but Part III? C'mon man, that was awesome!!!

Nala: sorry, was not directed at you. I fully agree with you about the stupid way it was shown to you; I would have been standing there with my hand over my eyes, shaking my head in embarrassment as they went through their spiel for the billionth time.

I actually meant about kelmeister's "suck ass" and "at least it looked cool" crack, because quite clearly everybody should just not even bother as it has been seen (not), reviewed (not) and judged (apparently) to be a failure as a movie. So, plainly, they can just stop post-production right now and all go home, or start work on T:2.

Doh, meant "shown to them", not to you.

DL: While I agree is is more watchable and more enjoyable, the acting and directing is still barely tolerable for me. And it still blows my mind that Ewan Macgregor and Natalie Portman are in them. You'd never know by the acting.

Zero, I admit that I have not seen the Transformers movie. I will also admit that I figuratively peed my pants in happiness and excitement when I saw the trailer.

That being said, I also go to the movies a lot, and as Nala can attest, I go to all the big name "summer blockbusters" the Fridays they come out (he sometimes deigns to go with me, hahaha) because I'm stupid.

I say the Transformers movie will suck because it's been my experience that every single movie I've been excited for based on trailers and internet hype has blown. Every one of them. Sure, some of them were mildly entertaining for the 90 or so minutes I endured them, but none of them have been anything close to what was promised or expected.

(I'd be happy to give you examples, but I honestly can't remember any. Ghost Rider springs to mind only because it really pissed me off how bad it was. Okay, I'm wrong, Hot Fuzz was f'ing awesome.)

I admit I'm making a blanket statement based on nothing but previous experience. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Transformers movie will kick ass. I want it to kick ass. And when I see it and it does kick ass, I'll be contrite and I'll eat my hat and I'll exclaim that I'm pleasantly, happily surprised.

But I'm not getting my hopes up. Consider my derision my way of protecting myself from bitter disappointment.

I'm sorry Zero, but in my opinion, thinking this movie is going to be good falls under Einstein's Definition of Insanity. There has been only one Michael Bay movie I even enjoyed as purely a popcorn movie, and that was the Rock (aka Nicholas Cage shows Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx the right way to mortgage an Oscar.) The sheer fact that they think that no one will want to see giant effing robots without a human interest story tells me most of what I need to know. Hands up anyone whose favorite character in any incarnation of Transformers is the humans? Anyone?

For example, I haven't seen Postal, but I know what I'd be likely to get out of an Uwe Boll film. (crap.) So I'm not going to see it.

I know money talks but can we just be okay limiting some stories (like Watchmen) to the form they first appeared in? I guess in the end, since I dig Jarmusch, Kurosawa and Coen brothers films, they weren't making this movie for me anyway. I'm just sick of people asking me about it and then being shocked when I tell them how much I'm NOT looking forward to the movie. I don't care for the character designs, I don't care for the footage I've seen, I don't care for the director or any of the actors involved. So, as a consumer of entertainment, I'm making a prejudgement.

Kelmeister-I liked the first Batman and Begins, probably a few others I can't think of at the moment. But mostly they're put out to reinforce PT Barnum's famous maxim about suckers. (Anyone remember Van Helsing? No? Good.)

Nala: I can only chalk McGregor's performance with George Lucas saying "NO! MORE WOODEN! MORE WOODEN! STOP ALL THIS EMOTION!"

Kelmeister: Why you in my comments stirring up trouble??? This isn't the damn Allspark forums, Seibertron.com, or TFW2005 forums. :-)

OK. With that said, all I have to say is one Saturday evening, during the long long ago, I was forced to watch Pitch Black by Kelmeister/

I still have not gotten those 90 minutes of my life back.

I keep waiting.

Well crap, I have plans with some of my friends to get good and ripped and watch Battlefield Earth, thanks to Mitt Romney. That's three hours of mylife I'm planning on giving away.

If it means anything, Pitch Black is a thousand times better than Battlefield Earth

Meh; it'll be an entertaining movie without any of the awesome and surprisingly gripping overtones that occasionally creep into a franchise built around toy robots. Throw back the popcorn, enjoy, try not to read too much into it.

Either way I'm going to get to see it anyway, because my daughter will kill me in my sleep if I don't take her to "The Bumblebee Movie".

Nala, I apologize profusely. It was Saturday, I wasn't fully awake yet, I'd missed That's So Raven, my all-time favorite TV show...

This is what you get when you stop posting to the main page. I get lonely. And I have a Decepticon T-shirt so I feel like I'm entitled to post as I now know everything there is to know about Transformers.

Yeah. I've neglected the other site.

Alas, now that the basement is done I don't have much to share there.

Wait until the "Search for a new house 2007" starts. Then I'll have stuff.

Woohoo! Rondell Sheridan fans of the world unite!!!

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