The shit just keeps coming, and this time it is in the form of... ok... ready for this?


Magic Washcloths!

Now if I opened the packaged and they magically washed my ass I'd say that would be pretty cool.

But man oh man... when will these future Family Dollar clogging licenses pieces of shit items end?!?!


I am soooo lining up the night before the toy release date to buy these ... NOT!!!

I believe it is some sort of terrible brand arms race, with Hello Kitty well in the lead... unless we really do see a transforming 'personal massager' some time soon.

Have you guys seen the new TF movie boys underwear yet?!?

No, I am serious - my comment is NOT A JOKE.


To be fair, it's better than anything that could've come out of 1986. Who wants to be the kid with "I can't deal with that right now!" emblazoned in undergarment glory?

My wife lost an auction trying to win a G1 Soundwave beach towel for me recently.

This stuff could be worth something someday... maybe. Or not.

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