The never-ending comics sorting...

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So I spent 3 more hours working on the comic tonight.

I got all of the Vertigo and Wildstorm stuff sorted and boxed and am unfortunately found 2 miscellaneous boxes of DC and Marvel shit I need to fit back into the already completed crap.

I pulled Giga's Marvel Doctor Who comics out and also all the stuff that I intend on keeping.

All the sorted and condensed comics.

All the DC and Marvel stuff is now boxed and I've added 2 long boxes of Vertigo and Wildstorm stuff (above).

Honestly, when it is all nice and sorted and properly boxed, it doesn't take up much room in the basement.


Now I'm sorting the trades!

I'm currently tackling the 2 long boxes of trades, trying to get a feeling for what individual issues can now be totally sold off.

Trades are good.

Sure they are part of the destruction of comics story-telling as a whole, but they take up so much less room!


Some of my golden age stuff

All of my Golden Age DC and Fawcett books have been sorted. Here's just a few (above) of my favorites.


I'm no fan of Marvel but I totally loved the Earth X to Paradise X miniseries.

I stopped reading Marvel comics a long time ago except for the odd issue or miniseries here or there.

I don't think it was a success but I totally loved the the Alex Ross designed Earth X, Universe X, and Paradise X series. It is all pretty dense but it a fairly mind bloggling epic that practically every Marvel character appears in.


Hopefully tomorrow will conclude the comics sorting and packing and I can start cleaning up the basement, restacking some shit, and prepping for the floor touch up.

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Holy moly, you have my sympathies - those boxes look uncannily like the ones we have filling our apartment, filled with bloody children's clothes.

(I should qualify that I mean "an annoying amount of children's clothes", and not "children's clothes, covered in blood".)

Wall of boxes for the win!

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