Doctor Who: The Lazarus Experiment


So you can probably get the gist of this episode from the title alone.

Following up on the generally disappointing Dalek 2-parter is "The Lazarus Experiment", which I actually totally loved.


*spoilers ahead*

Yes. I totally loved it for all of the cheezy monsterness of it.

So basically El Doctoro drops off Ms. Jones in her apartment.

Yes. Not outside on the street. Not down the block.

No. He literally materializes the TARDIS inside her living room.

For years and years he was lucky enough to steer the damn thing to the right time and destination and now he manages to drive it right into living room a day after she left.

Anyway, within seconds he gets involved in Richard Lazarus' story via Martha's sister being Lazarus' PR person.

Now I'll just be blunt here and say that Richard Lazarus, let's just call him Dick, is in fact a total asshole. He's 76 and quite an arrogant dick (see the dick connection).

Anyway, he's discovered a way to reverse aging and lo and behold, the Doctor is present (and has the obligatory save-the-day moment) as Lazarus' machine goes haywire.

Of course, Lazarus emerges from the machine decades younger but it quickly becomes apparent that he's got major problems, culminating with him transforming into this bizarre scorpionish monster that sucks the life out of people.


Now there's a lot to be said for some of Lazarus motivation. He basically explains he's trying to protect himself because of the horror he experienced during the The Blitz and I can totally understand why he's devoted his life to overcoming obstacles. I mean nobody here in the US can truly comprehend what the people in Europe faced through the early 40s, especially our esteemed cousins from Londinium. 9/11 is a dime in a bucket to the bad craziness of the devestation of Europe so using survivors from that period really can make for some great motivations.

Anyway, his DNA is actually going back-and-forth and he keeps changing into this monster that is a buried gene from way back in the days of humans before even the Doctor was around.

What the Doctor really gets pissed at, and of course, there's that moment in every episode, is the fact that Lazarus has no regard to killing innocent people to suck their life force and feed on them.

Of course, everything ends well with Lazarus dead and old again.

Now I honestly really loved the whole episode. It was pretty much standard Who fare but I really liked it. The drama/action beats where just what I needed and while everything wraps up nicely, it lays the foundation for so much more.

We got to see Martha's family again and also had the menacing Mister Saxon plot elements interwoven into the Jones family.

Whoever Mister Saxon is, he definitely knows everything about the Doctor and proceeds to inform Martha's mother about how death follows the Doctor and how dangerous he is. Of course, this puts Martha in a very bizarre predicament in regards to things.

The rumor mill says that Mister Saxon is actually the current incarnation of The Master because his name is an anagram of "Master No. Six". Either that's a major red herring or in fact, and highly probable, some Time Lords did survive the Time War.

Let's face facts, we've now had several Daleks survive a war where they were supposedly all wiped out so there's plenty of loopholes for Time Lords, especially those that, like the Doctor, were considered renegades.

The Rani, The Meddling Monk, and a few others had to survive. And let's face it, there's always espace to hide out in (*cough*Romana*cough*).

Anyway, it was a helluva lot more fun than the previous Dalek 2-parter and that's what I needed.

Quite possibly the best line was after the Doctor gets Lazarus' machine to go bonkers and destroy him and says it shouldn't have taken him so long to "reverse the polarity", saying he "must be out of practice." It has indeed been a long time since he regularly reversed the polarity.

Oh. And kudos to the Doctor for realizing the sonic screwdriver wasn't quite working and needing to "turn it up to 11"!

The show's off next week due to something that may just be the gayest thing I've ever read about.

However, the previews at the end weren't for the next episode but were actually bits and pieces for the remaining episodes of the season.

There's explosions, David Tennant being moody, Mister Saxon stuff, and unfortunately, Captain Jack Harkness who now resides over on Torchwood.

On the whole, I'm looking forward to it all but honestly, after having watched series 1 of Torchwood, I could totally do without Captain Jack.

In hindsight, Torchwood totally sucked and is actually quite an awful series that doesn't know what the hell it wants to be

So. Erm.

That's all on the Doctor for now.


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It is like American Idol but on an almost global scale.

The Irish'll be ok. They'll always have leprechauns, Saint Patrick's Day, and blarney stones.

What they do need... and I swear the need to discover it... is the Irish equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster!

Hehehe, it's like American Idol but with the added bonus of the cultural meme, 'Nil Point'!... as for the Irish, they already have their monster - the incredible Hulk-like rage brought about by the transformative power of alcohol. :)

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