I want to lick him all over.



He is sooooooo the bright point for me for the movie and movie toy line.

Remy made him purty.


The kibble is a lot less distracting in that pose. It actually looks like a good figure.

got mine yesterday from a friend. OMG Easily one of my most favoritest figures in the line. I cant want to get another one and a spare Swindle and switch the heads out and prepaint Blackout as Whirl!!!!

"I want to lick him all over."

and then have a Swede shove him up your ass?

OK JL... Now I'm lost.

But he'd have to be Lucky Draw Black God Magnus for me to consider that.

was it not a Swedish guy? i get them confused with Norwegians.

I was kind of pissed that Blackout is yet another entry in the list of helicopter-TFs that remove their blades and use them as some sort of "Spinning Fan of Doom". *But*... he does use them in the movie. So... that's actually cool. :)

I'm going to end up getting him one way or another, because my daughter holds the heli-TFs in the highest esteem. Having seen pictures of Blackout already, she infers that it is something she must own... although the fact that he's not Evac orange is some sort of minor sticking point.

JL: Er... still don't get it.

JOP: Well there aren't a whole lotta copter TFs out there so if she wants 'em she doesn't have much choice.

I sorta still am hoping they do something with Evac for Botcon but I doubt it.

Hahahahahha!!! I can barely remember one day from the next anymore. I can't believe you remembered some post that old.

Expect Netherlands Anal Transformers Parties to be quite popular this coming summer with the release of the new movie.

you should do a retrospective/greatest posts. just make sure you label it vol. 1, for the inevitable vol. 2.

Hello Nala,

On behalf of every Dutchman i apologize for the person posting anal-oriented comments and as a Transformer admirer i will personally make sure the Dutch-Transformer-an-club will hunt him down and put him to justice.

Nah. That's ok.

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