I got nothing.


I got nothing.


I got something: my shipment of TF movie toys from Amazon arrived yesterday - woohoo!! I got Deluxe Barricade, Bonecrusher, & Brawl. Also got Voyager Ironhide.

I've only opened Bonecrusher & Brawl so far - both are pretty neat. Transformation (especially for Brawl) is pretty complicated and they look pretty decent. Better than I thought. Bonecrusher has a cat-like head, which makes him look like a Thundercat though - very odd. Will report on the other two when I open them, probably tonight.

My headmaster squeezeplay arrives tomorrow,YAHOO!

i got hot wings!

erm,nala,your site is messed up,i only posted that message once.

Shit happens. Probably getting hit with a lot of comment spam.

I think its funny. Nala posts about absolutely nothing and yet gets 6 comments. I bow.

Heavyarms: I really wish I had something to say today too.

DL: I find it utterly funny that you can get yours from Amazon yet mine, ordered with Hasbro, won't be in until a few weeks from now.

"I got rhythm!" (doing best Fozzie Bear impersonation)

yes but Nala if you got yors using the coupon you get youre for %25 less than he did AND you get free shipping ^^

I got. . .

. . . uh, crabs?

No wait, I got Titanium Fire Convoy, and I am underwhelmed, as I have been with every toy from that line except WW Thundercracker.

Need to find Starscream.

I got drunk... Well, not yet, but will be on Friday night in Budapest on this Stag do I'm going to be on!



Hey frowny i know this is nala's site but if you can't find one i spotted 1 at the local TRU let me know if you need one

I finally got my hands on a Classics Jetfire. He's pretty sweet. Shame the Classics are going on hiatus...

n10zguy - I placed my order with Amazon BEFORE I found out about the 25% off coupon at HTS, but I did get free shipping.

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