I should do this with Club Airrazor.


Remember I wrote the other day about knowingly mistransforming toys depending on if I like the way it looks?

Well I just found something mistransformed that is actually really kind of funny given the final attempt to make the alt mode look plausible without instructions.


I came across the auction that includes the above Energon Slugslinger and ya gotta admit, the guy tried.

Since the fictional dual cockpit jet isn't exactly common to most people, this has got to be the best attempt by a non-TF geek to transform this guy into a proper jet.

The Energon Starscream is pretty interesting too.


You have to flip EVERYTHING once. Like Alt Grim's arms. But yeah, daunting task for someone with a life.

Beautiful. :)

Can we get him a two-pack with Taxara?

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