Believe me! I know it is mistransformed!

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Ok. I hesitated to write this (many many times over the past 2 years) but I just have to because the emails and such I get are just wasted effort.

What's even funnier is we talked about this yesterday at the toy show and today I got another comment that indeed, is exactly what we were talking about.

Yes. I know that sometimes my Transformers are not transformed according to official Hasbro/Takara instructions!

And no, I don't especially care!

There are a lot of times where I transform them and if I don't like the way a particular part looks I will find something that I think displays better.

It is as simple as that.

I have hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of transformers from every single line (well, except Animorphs) and they may all, at any given time, vary depending on what I'm thinking of when picking on up a shelf.

Alt Grimlock and Wheeljack and Prowl? Their legs will look different because I prefer them backwards than the official instructions say.

This is especially true to some Transmetal 2 Beast Wars and Beast Machines figures!

I will even change the way they are transformed if I am taking photos of them depending on where I place the camera and such. I may even transform them slightly off-instructions if they have little color showing in a given transformation and I want more color (that would normally be hidden) to show.

I really don't need to be "informed" that I have something mis-transformed. I will likely know that already.

It is only important that it looks ok to me at the moment I'm looking at it or holding it.

You may now return to your regular Internets reading.

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