San Diego and Alternator Nemesis Prime


So Giga took Mr. and Mrs. B. to the airport early this morning for their trip to the San Diego Comic-Con where they are actually presenting talks at panels.

I've never been to that con but it is indeed the con of all cons. Over a hundred-thousand people attend that thing. Insane.

Personally, I think I'd get a little bored since I'm not all that into panels and all but I'd like to go once at least and use it as a "meet-up" for all the people I know out there.

Oh. Yeah. What does the con have to do with plastic crack?

07-19-06-nemprime.jpgWell Hasbro will be start selling Alternator Nemesis Prime at the con and at their online store at 9 am tomorrow!

I've told Mr. B. to stay clear of the con version so I'll just snag it online. I've got email reminders all over the place and sticky notes to remind me in case I get pulled into a meeting or anything.

I can just imagine what I'd have to say if I was... "Er... excuse me all. I have to take a 15 minute break to order an exclusive-but-not-really-exlusive transforming pick-up truck because I'm a loser. Be right back."

I'm hoping Hasbro has a give-away freebie like they did last year and that the B's will snarf up what they can.


Thats what i like about my job i work alone so i do what i want as long as my stuff is done oh and i finally hit paydirt up here in T.C. during my lunch break "well what i would call paydirt" wal-mart had Alt. Grimlock,Meister,Hound,Swindle for $11 apiece

Good Luck. . . I got mine from HK but I paid about $17 more than I would have through Hasbrotoyshop. But since I cancelled my order for KISS Convoy I thought it was worth it, since this is the only version of the mold I'm planning on getting.

Frowny, are you going to BotCon?

Would love to, but besides my addictions I'm saving to go to Philly this winter and see a couple friends I haven't seen in about a year and a half. I would really dig meeting everyone after all this electronic pestering, but it's someone I've known since I was 15 and I don't get to see them as often as I'd like.

Maybe next year?

BotCon Buffalo, maybe?

Well, BotCon was in Rochester 10 years ago. But I don't see upstate NY happening again anytime soon, unfortunately.

Maybe sometime they'll organize a Toronto BotCon.

Cowcon right here in the Cowlands.

But not to be confused with Dairycon.

....and Frowny wins it!

I have to admit, Uddercon has a certain unmistakable something to it.

When you guys talk about Cowlands, where exactly in the US are you talking about? I come from the Garden of England, Kent, so called because so many crops, fruits and stock come from it...


Mark: I'm in Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus, is the home of The Ohio State University, which is a land-grant university that started originally an agricultural school.

Columbus is often referred to as Cowtown or Cowlumbus based on this. Of course, it is also surrounded by rural farmland too.

Since my office is near OSU I often drive by the agricultural areas and there are cows out roaming around and grazing.

When I refer to Cowtown I'm talking about Columbus proper but when I say the Cowlands I'm also including most of Ohio, Indiana, and the other primarily rural states.

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