Frowny was correct! Something was wrong.


Deepdive's arms!I opened up Deepdive's instructions and low and behold, the photo on the back of the packaging for the Giant Planet Minicons has him transformed wrong.

Yes. I didn't read how to transform him I just did it.

Yes. I was wrong.

No. I didn't question it since he was that way in the photo on the back of the packaging.

But honestly, I'm not sure which way is better.

I actually like the way I originally transformed him.

I don't know why. I just do.


What the hey? Now he's got propellers for hands!

Yes. But he is still an awesome little bit of design work.

Whoa, I preferred the 1st one... Love the blog by the way!

An English fan.

Thanks Mark.

Indeed. He does look a bit better, though awkward, in the first pose.

Yeah, when I pulled out the instructions it was listed on there. I just hadn't seen that because I don't think I've ever looked at minicon instructions before. (The "powerlinx" of Overcast to Deep Dive is weirder.) It was pretty odd-I'm used to the mistransformed toys in toy shows, but on the package itself they usually get it right. I still plan on keeping his arms the wrong way. . . it looks better.

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