Giant Planet Minicon Deepdive


Giant Planet Minicon Deepdive

Deepdive is also total awesome love.

You kind of have to "imagine" he has hands but it works as is. Unlike his one friend who sucks to all high heavens.

Number in Collection: 1635



Last night I discovered something weird. Look at his shoulders-the bendy part at the top. Look at the ends very closely. They look like fists. . . but positioning those as his hands just looks stupid. It's like the designers realized at the last moment that the arms really sucked and decided to pretend that the way you have him there was the way they'd always intended.

These figures came with instructions, and you have his arms upside down. He does look better like this, but he is in fact, surrendering. He just has giant shoulders, sorry...

I prefer him in Sub-Munky form this way.

I photographed his TFClub version correctly transformed and I still like him this way.

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