Giant Planet Minicon Longarm

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Giant Planet Minicon Longarm

I hate to say it but I think Longarm may be the most hideous Minicon I've ever seen.

There's just zero love here for this guy.

Number in Collection: 1636

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I would like to stick all these useless pieces of crappy plastic and metal up your ass, one by one, slowly. LOL
How old are you? Aren't you ashamed of this useless hobby?

All i can say is lame. to be honest i like the micro masters from back in the day than any mini con

Really, I could argue that Armada had its share of suuuper lame minicons, but still . . . He's lame and easily the worst of the Cybertron minicons, which have been pretty spectacular as far as I'm concerned.

You're right about armada, thats the ones i mainly have a problem with but i love cybertrons Safeguard and Energons Omega Supreme mini cons because they remind me of the old Head and targetmasters.

I wish they'd release some decent repaints of some Micromasters too.

I love the fact that they at least brought the Takara Micromaster combiners over in TF Universe but the cost is practically criminal unless you find them on clearance.

And speaking of those, Giga didn't realize that I already had 2 Six-Train/Rail Racer Universe Micromaster sets. Anybody need the one he bought the other night?

The only set I got the stateside release of was Sixbuilder, because he was redone as Devastator. Other than that it's been cheaper to import the Japanese sets. I really do like the MM gestalts. Their robot modes are occasionally lacking (like several parts of Sixwing) but the vehicle modes are spot on and the combined forms are all better than Superion as far as I'm concerned.

The KB ones were Sixtrain, not Sixliner, right?

And when exactly did go down?

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