Cybertron Unicron


Cyberton Fugly UnicronI feel really dirty even having bought this today. I saw him on my Target side-trip on the way to the dentist and ended up buying him.

He's just so ugly.

I just never liked Unicron.

Number in Collection: 1637

[7/21 update: Ok. I'll say this. Don Figueroa can make a pen & ink Unicron that is palatable.]


you'll learn to love him i did

I gotta say negative to that.

Twenty years now and I still don't like him.

I do agree with you he is an over used plot device and his lameness but i like the transformation for some reason and the head is cool looking i think.


Again, I get so conflicted on Unicron.

Overused plot device, poor excuse for an "ultimate" villain, not an attractive color scheme, all these things are true. And man, I hated the entire idea of Primacron. Call of the Primitives has to do a Thunderdome with Carnage in C Minor for "Worst Episode Ever" of G1.

And yet, as someone who counts Touch of Evil among their favorite films (even with that ridiculous shoe polish job of trying to make Charlton Heston Mexican) Orson Welles ending his career in a stoopid kids movie as a planet eating planet remains among my favorite biographical twists of all time. (This is a man who in his later years had TWO FULL STEAK DINNERS as his dinner-not two steaks with dinner, but also double all the sides-and polished it off with a bottle of scotch.) Again, I'm sure that if there is a beyond the grave Welles appreciated the irony. And I always thought they did a much better job of giving the impression of just how BIG he was than Lucas did with the Death Star.

I'll probably buy the tank, but with trepidations.

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