And then I saw an IM on my computer...

Session Start (naladahc:gigamatt): Fri Jul 21 15:56:44 2006
[15:56] gigamatt: You now have nem prime. Mrs. B. just called.
[16:10] *** "gigamatt" signed off at Fri Jul 21 16:10:58 2006

It is nice to have someone in San Diego!


If yours from the Club comes in too, can I buy it off you if I don't end up getting one from HTS?

BTW, Congrats on the snag. You'll owe Mrs. B. a big favor.

It is looking like the one snagged at ComicCon may be the only one I have.

I have still not been charged for the one I tried to order through the club.

Congrats :)

Now, for the rest of us...

*shakes fist at Hasbro*

Yeah, Hasbro totally dropped the ball on this one. BBTS had a couple for $44.95 and those vanished within minutes. Congrats are in order for Nala, tho.


Hah! Mrs B. did all the work.

She apparently stood in line for that for me while Mr. B. was giving his presentation on Superman.

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