Botcon info is finally online!


Well the meat of Botcon 2006 was announced and overall, this here geek can't complain.

I'll give Master Collector the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are going to try and take the constructive criticism of last year's event to heart.

The figure set will be 5 Beast Wars era figures in their "pre-beast" Cybertron modes. We know that the characters will be Optimus Primal, Cheetor, Rhinox, Rattrap, Dinobot, and one undisclosed convention-attendee only one.

Of course, the fan boards are ripe with speculation about what these figures will be repaints/retools of.

No doubt Armada, Energon, and Cybertron will serve as the source for the molds for these figures. I think that's a given. Though truthfully, the info stating "Golden Disk Keys" could mean repainted Cyber Keys so that would limit these to Cyberton releases.

All I ask is that we get a little better than all those basics and the repaints on repaints of basics. That was just a little out of hand last year.

If Cybertron is what we have to choose from, then I'd have to say I agree with some of the fan speculation about what would work:

Optimus Primal (from Crumplezone)
Cheetor (from Nitro Convoy)
Rattrap (from Brakedown or Ransack)
Dinobot (???)
Rhinox (from Red Alert)

Now I don't care for the speculation about Dinobot from the retooled-for-Cyberton Longrack. Yeah, the original source of this figure, Armada Hoist, could be sorta-kinda Dinbot in the head but man, I'm sick of that hoe arm. Hell, this even came up recently in a previous post.

If basics are going to be heavily used, then I can see the Clocker mold coming into play too. I think Rhinox could be fine from Armorhide or even Energon Demolishor. There's a lot of Jungle Planet bots that need to be obviously excluded here so that does indeed limit the choices from Cybertron.

I can't say I'm excited about the Friday night "miniature and card" game thing since that to me personally is a major waste of time. I'm not a gamer and this kind of thing just is to be avoided on my part. Of course, there's always the bar to pass the time at.

All in all, I'm excited about these figures and the especially the fact that the con is only 3 hours away!!!


Yeah, I'm sick of that ho's arm too.

I think all the 06 BotCon toys will be based on Galaxy Force/Cybertron, by virtue of the "golden disk key" accessories. I'm fine with that decision. Those toys are far superior to Armada and Energon in my opinion. Ug, Energon Demolisher is one of the lamest figures ever.

No doubt Tigatron will be produced as one of the extras. Just repaint a "Cheetor" mold. And somewhere in there, they have to offer another villain or two. Just offering Dinobot alone isn't really sufficient.

I must be crazy for saying this, after the lameness of the 05 set... but I am actually excited and, even more strangely, optimisitc, about this year's exclusive toys.

Hey, I just had an idea after looking at the schedule of events. Why don't we do the distillery tour on Friday morning? Wild Turkey has tours starting at 9am and Woodford Reserve starts at 10. If anyone has any art contest entries they could set them up at 8:30 then we could head off to the distillery and be back way before 2. How does that sound?

I'm just worried that we might not be able to make it down to Lexington early enough on Thursday to hit up the distillery. And this way, we can relax after the drive.

Let me know what you think.

Eve: In respect to Energon Demolisher, I was just looking at possible existing figures that I thought my might work as something. He was one of the few that wasn't repainted to hell and back and might be retooked to work as Rhinox due to his general "mass".

Jeremy: I need to find something to do Friday night too. I have no wish to be around card and miniature gaming. I was kind of mad that they merged the dinner and the casino night since that opened Friday up for something that I just can't be a part of.

I'm sure we can all come up with something to do.

This morning I noticed Cyb. Def. Hotshot and I thought that with a new head, he would make a good Rhinox. He's bulky and well armored. I think that Landmine or Red Alert would work as well. I'm kind hoping that Rattrap comes from Clocker. The exhaust pipes remind me a lot of the TM2 version of Rattrap.

I'm really looking forward to seeing hints of what molds will be used since so many of them would work for each character.

Friday night we can go to Wal-Mart and look for new toys ; )

Jeremy: Yeah. I had forgot about that more recent figure. It would work.

Evebird: Not if Season 2 of Doctor Who is on!

Actually, I was just thinking. Since they dropped the # of figures (happy happy joy joy) perhaps this will translate into allowing for more use of the larger $10 retail figures and less of the basics.

On second thought, Hasbro should help subsidize the damn things!

Confirmed: BotCon 06 toys are all Cybertron/Galaxy Force.

A better mold for dino bot might be evac. Head mold is not that far off, he's got the spinning blade weapon, and the size would be right (same as primal). If they are silly enough to paint eyes and teeth on the front of the chopper, I will not be able to resist.

It would bring new meaning to his nickname- chopper face!

Alex: Yeah. I agree. But I don't know if they'll spring for that size for him.

I can see Primal from the Crumplezone mold. That works for me and since he's "biggest" character he'd get the largest figure assigned to him.

I just don't think they'll figure Dinobot warrants a large figure, especially with the cost.

But Evac is one of my favorite Galaxy Force molds. Hell. He's one of my favorite TF molds of all time now. I wouldn't mind a decent redeco of him. (But I do mean decent!)

I like the idea of Tarantulas and Blackarachnia as Scrap Metal repaints. Could be additional show-only premiums.

But the idea of having a Blackarachnia figure brings up the issue of if she ever had a form before beast wars. And just because their forms during the beast wars were similar, there is nothing saying that their prior forms were.

Nala: If Dr. Who is on, we will be watching that. However, I find that most hotel rooms don't get the Sci Fi Channel, so that could prove difficult.

Alex: Are you going to Botcon?

I know. People are saying the same thing about Tigatron. But Fun Publications is probably going to be making 4-5 additional convention figures beyond what's described in the Primus package. And I'm sure many of those "extras" will be repaints. So it seems like they'd find a way to make it work in their comic book.

What I'm really hoping for is that they make a new Red Alert figure. Maybe he and some other G1 Autobots figure in the story somehow. I'd love to know why the hell they're using Red Alert in their logo for a convention heavily weighted to Beast Wars.

Mr. E: Actually, I think FP won't do that. I read somewhere that they've reduced the # of figures overall, which I hope means that they can sink that $ into some bigger ones for the set.

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