Vector Prime redeco


Cybertron Vector Prime redecoYou know I have nothing of real importance to talk about Transformers-wise when I bring up the recent news of a Cybertron Vector Prime redeco.

Surprisingly, the concept isn't bad.

Now if in execution the color works out like the photo then I think this will be one of the nicest redecos of a figure that has ever been done.

Personally, I think it'll take an entire new generation of designers to top the Black Convoy redeco paint scheme but this is pretty close in my book.

If we are stuck with repaints, which we always will be now due to economy of scale, we might as well get some good ones.


If he comes across even half as shiny as the picture is, I will be very happy.

By the way, did you see the pics for Rumble? Piston hands!!!

Yeah. I had a post about it (now up) that was in the queue but then I got busy and didn't finish it until just now.

I have a feeling he's airbrushed (like all Hasbro 'official' shots) and will be closer to the plastic on Soundwave's chest. The sword is nice but I'm afraid it's going to be rubbery like the other Hasbro Vector Prime. They did a great job but I don't think I'll buy as I try to avoid repaints, unless they're G1 (unavoidable) or the Carobot brothers (who are some of my favorite figs ever.)

If it does end up that shiny, tho, it's better than the initial paintjob.

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