The new Alternator Rumble... er Frenzy... er Rumble.


Alternator Rumble

The first decent image of Alternator Rumble popped up on of all places Wal-Mart's website.

Yup! He's most definitely the modern incarnation of Soundwave's favorite bot-mode cassette. I mean let's face it, Frenzy is practically a non-entity in the scheme of use.

G1 RumbleThey've kept the back-mounted weapons. He's got a variation of his pile drivers too but I can't say I like them since I'm a "hands man" for bots.

The cassette deco on his chest is fantastic too.

What's funny is the way his doors hang off his waist reminds me of Car Robots Prowl for some reason but that's no doubt pure coincident.

Of course. No doubt we'll get a bluish repaint called Frenzy.

Hasbro has obviously put the nail in the coffin of the old clash between toy and animation names where Rumble is blue in the cartoon but his toy is red and Frenzy is vice-versa.

Rumble is now definitely in the reddish palette!


Yes, but what car is he?

From what they are saying, a Honda Civic si.

OMG!! So very cool!


Can we please try to avoid RIBFIR/RIRFIB? It makes my brain all hurty.

I really dig it and my only complaint is that there won't be a BT.

"hands man"-- you crack me up. You have, what, 1,500 Transformers, and 1,485 of them have two hands, and it bugs you about this guy? This beautiful work of Transformers art?

I just find lack of "hands" unappealing. Armada Hoist has had a significant impact on me in terms of design aesthetic, or lack there of, these past few lines. I guess just like "hands" on anthropoid bots.

I've also never cared for anime mecha that was basically weapons on legs such as some of the Macross mecha and Battletech stuff.

Why G1 Omega Supreme doesn't bother me I'll never know. I guess there's something to be said for a huge ass orange claw!

And then there's the fact that the reason I'm even remotely a TF loser is because of G1 Shockwave, my favoritest character of all time. He's only got 1 hand too.

But Energon Shockblast has that one "armish" thing that I don't like either.

I'm just kidding with ya- I am just amused when the fanz get all up in arms over a short bot or a skinny bot or a bot with no's not like there are not 1,000 normal boring TFs to choose from- a little variety is OK once in a while.

I wonder if he might have regular hands than fold down from somewhere? If not he seems rather simplistic at first glance.

Nah. If you look at it, the piledrivers probably go right up their "posts" and rest flush inside. They are pretty simple.

Actually, his torso/arms part looks super simple. Chest opens and head flips down (I think). Piledrivers go up and in. Arms move up above head area and click together.

Perhaps his back missles come off and become weapons like they did in G1. However, they really wouldn't fit on the piledrivers and look attractive at all.

So is this the real deal ? I've never seen him around here. I was also looking on the Hasbro site last night. I was always a big fan of Team Soundwave and would love to see my Civic as a TF.

Doug: No idea if it will ever see the light of day.

The image was way too professional and along the lines of Hasbro's other ones to be a fan made image.

Just checking Hasbro on some the 'classic' figs, and I just saw Alternators Rumble for $20. I swear it wasn't there a few days ago. LOL Annnyway, so cool. I will be keeping a sharp eye open for this old school meets new wave fusion !

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