So Spacewarp becomes Astrotrain


TF Club AstrotrainSo as expected, the first "major" exclusive figure from the Transformers Collectors Club will essentially be the defunct TF Universe figure of Spacewarp, a repaint/retool of Armada Jetfire.

I had always planned on buying Spacewarp, so depending on the price I may pick up the figure as Astrotrain.

Apparently they are asking for suggestions on the figure.

My "likes realistic vehicles alt mode" side says dump the large decepticon logo, darken the colors a bit, and tone down the lighter colors a shade or two. (This is the same side of me that questions why G1 Laser Optimus has his name written on him, and why they thought it necessary to do the same to some of the Transmetal Beast figures. *shrug*)

Of course, that's pointless since this really isn't a realistic vehicle of anything and well, the homage to G1 Astrotrain is pointless since when they turned him into a Decepticon, they threw out the actual Space Shuttle color palette for the darker greys, purples, etc.

The other side says just leave the thing as-is and just include the retooled head, painted so it is consistent with the rest of the figure. Then it would at least be sorta-kinda like it was intended.

But I guess it really comes down to what the price will be. At retail, one can expect Spacewarp would have been about $25 or so. As a club exclusive? At this size a figure? I think we'll probably see at least a minimum $60 price tag with $80 more likely.

Hell. Based on the cost of the single Botcon-type exclusives $130+ could even be expected.

Would it be worth that much to me?


Three Armada Jetfires in various packages and colors is enough for me.


Jetfire is one of about five Armada molds that I really really like. However, I'm not wild about this proposed deco. It's too busy. Too many competing visual elements.

Agreed-and Armada Jetfire is one of those rare TFs that looks good and works well in all three modes. I like the giant Decepticon symbol although I'm not sold on the wing design or the use of gold, and I'm surprised they aren't doing a Scourge/Nemesis Prime version of the non-bendy Prime to combine with him.

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