Fugly Primal and Slight-Less-Fugly Megatron



Um. Ew.

I was sorta-kinda excited at Botcon 2005 when these were announced but now that images are finally hitting sites and the detail can be seen I have to say these are really pretty ugly.

Celebrate 10 years of Beast Wars by releasing new toys of the 2 leaders that may as well be different characters entirely.

The new 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal and Megratron are total duds in my book. Not buying these will be pretty healthy for me.


Um. . . why does Primal have a surfboard that's not his robot feet? And why doesn't Megatron therefore have removable roller skates?

The robot mode is nothing--the real abomination is his ape mode.

Still, I can see what they were trying to do. The transformation is more ambitious now, as the arms and legs switch places. Just didn't work out very well.

I like the Megs. I imagine this is what these characters looked like immediately before crashing on Earth.

These are more in line with Jungle Planet aesthetics than Beast Wars aesthetics. I believe they even have Cyber Keys? No doubt the repaints will appear at the tail end of the Cybertron line.

Now Hasbro creating Pre-Reformat Ops and Megs would really have been cool! And your right, the bot modes could have been very similar to what we have here.

I guess calling them 10th Anniversary figures when in fact they are just Jungle Planet bots really does seem strange.

You think they'll be repainted? I hope not.

Well. Maybe a Nemesis Primal.

And honestly, why not have a "good" version of Megatron. If we can have bad Convoys and Primes we should have the reverse for Megs!

Now, you know darn well that everybody gets repainted! It's a law of nature!

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