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Ok. You can berate me all you want about it.

Yes. I broke the rule started in early 2005 about buying duplicates of Transformers. Towards the end of Armada and during the Energon line that strange fucked up collector/fan mentality creeped into my logic and I ended up buying duplicates of mass produced figures. Yeah. A lot of them I got on clearance and so forth., some even 70% off retail. But that's not the point.

There's no good reason for a healthy-minded individual to have duplicates of mass-produced Transformers. The "one mint-in-box, one for display" mentality is bullshit and for some reason, I went that way mid-way towards Energon and said "No more from now on!".

But I'm going to make exceptions every now and then and the TF Universe "Constructicons" were one of them. I had never intended to open them since I keep most of my Universe crap in-box for the sanity of storage and display in the Attic.

But I so needed to have an out of the box Bonecrusher because of his inherent spiritual calming capabilities. Yes. A character named Bonecrusher can actually have some good in him where Nala is concerned.

So anyway, I ended up not only buying another set to open, I figured I'd get another set of the other 2-pack as well so I can have all four open!

I am the lame. I know. And if there is an afterlife I'll be judged accordingly by Allah, El, Jesus, Odin, *fill in the blank* for my extreme lameness in this life. (Though rumor has it that if you manage to acquire a Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy in this life, you get like 100 virgins in the afterlife! Or is it 100 fresh links of kielbasa? Or is it 100 vats of daikon kimchee? I don't remember. Actually I think it is 100 virgins cooking 100 links of kielbasa while making 100 vats of daikon kimchee while listening to Peter Gabriel!)

Numbers in Collection: 1558-1561

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