Shockwave in new awesome form!


Transformers: Evolution's ShockwaveWow! Two awesome Transformer-related items in a row. Who'da thunk it!

Yesterday was the revelation that Botcon would be a bit south of the Greater Cowlands border and today I come across Guido Guidi's conceptual art for the IDW Transformers: Evolution miniseries Hearts of Steel.

His reimagined Shockwave, Nala's all-time favorite Transformer character, is actually fantastic!!!

The first miniseries takes place in the 1800s and Shockwave has been reimagined as an ironclad warship. It totally works.

While I'm not a fan of Guidi's art, I gotta give the man due here for conception. He even brought in elements of Micron Densetsu Laserwave.

This ironclad Shockwave does not suck balls.


Shockwave is pretty boss, but as far as I'm concerned, the best design goes to the Insecticons. Especially their combined form. But it causes me to wonder. . . why not Reflector?

Reflector isn't exactly a "fan favorite" character.

Well. That's what I'm assuming.

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