Binaltech Skids


Binaltech Skids

As I've mentioned previously, I broke down the other day and bought Takara Binaltech Skids in a color palette more reminiscent of the original Skids released in 1985.

Binaltech Skids is a thousand times better than the Hasbro release. Where as Hasbro decided that Skids needed a totally gay flame deco, Takara took the more sensible route of just having a standard blue Scion and including stickers to make him look like the 80s Skids or a few flames. Why Hasbro couldn't do this simple thing is beyond me.

Number in Collection: 1554


hey whats up man i was looking at this thread and i just won the takara bB X VERSION (you know the scion XB?)well i was wondering how much is this worth? where can you buy more? do u think I should hold on to this or sell it? i just need a O2
thanks Joey V.

These retail for about $54 or so but only through online retailer/importers.

You may want to look at,, or any of the other non-major label toy stores. Hasbro and Kaybee and ToysrUs won't have these.

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