Binaltech Broadblast and Lumina


Binaltech Broadblast

The strange short-lived Binaltech Asterisk line ended with the release of Binaltech Broadblast, a repaint of the Scion bBx mold originally used for Skids.

This time, the original G1 Blaster gets the BT treatment. No longer a boom box, he's now a full fledged vehicle and we here at will just imagine that Rewind, Eject, Ramhorn, and Steeljaw hang out inside!

It is rather strange that Takara released this as clearly an homage to a G1 character yet merged his Japanese name (Broadcast) with his American name (Blaster) to end up with Broadblast. Of course, Broadcast really doesn't work for the character in car mode does it?

He comes packed with a little chick figure called Lumina and I have no idea who the hell she's supposed to be.

The previous BTAs all shipped with these little chick figures of anime girls renamed as characters from Transformers. Alert came with one named AI (the artificial intelligence from Car Robots), Sunstreaker came with Junko (the ownder of the little red sportscar from Car Robots), and Broadblast comes with Lumina and I have no fucking clue who the hell she is! The now cancelled Binaltech Black Convoy was even supposed to come with Marissa Fairborn (GIJoes Flint and Lady Jaye's daugther) from Season 3 of the original series.

The whole inclusion of the little female PVC is some gimmick that I fail to grasp so I'll just chalk it up to being a "Japanese thing"!

Anyway, I'm pretty happy I got Broadblast. I don't see Hasbro releasing him.

Binaltech Broadblast - closeup faceBroadblast is actually pretty slick and I can see why most people though the original Skids Scion mold would be Ironhisde based on the orange color here.

What's sad is that his ball/socket feet, especially on mine, are really weak and he barely stands. (This pose that Reignfire did is impossible with mine. He's that bad! And what's surprising, my Alternator Skids has much better ankle durability here!

Binaltech Broadblast - with packagingBroadblast's packaging is pretty slick too. I really like the Binaltech Asterisk packaging with the toy in robot mode. It would just look so much nicer on a retail shelf as opposed to the typical Binaltech "alt mode" box or even the Hasbro bubble box.

I can't tell for certain if Don Figueroa did the illustration or not but it is top notch!

Number in Collection: 1555


Lumina is the girl from Transformers Victory please dont ask how i know that (Im such a dork)

Ah! I haven't watched all of Victory yet.

Well. That leaves us Minerva/Minelba and I think that'll be all the human women.

I don't think we'll see a Carly.

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