Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Transmutate


Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Transmutate

With the birthday presents from Giga yesterday I now have all the parts to make Transmutate, the poor birth defect riddled Transformer from the eponymously titled Beast Wars episode "Transmutate".

What a sad character and kudos for Hasbro for making a figure.

However, super mega nasty balls to Hasbro for spreading 6 pieces of the figure over 6 10th Anniversary toys, resulting in basically a $100 Transmutate figure.

Then again, I suppose that is the only way we'd ever get something like this.

Number in Collection: 1553


More like a $40 dollar Transmutate toy, considering it came with 6 deluxe figs overpriced by $5 each. But if you've already got all the BW toys already, yeah, it's a ripoff.

I already do.

But at least now I have a Rattrap I'm not afraid to touch. My old one's chrome is a a dusty-flaking mess.

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