Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Dinobot, Tarantulus, and Rattrap

Posted on March 20, 2006 7:31 PM | Permalink

Beast Wars 10th Ann. Dinobot, Tarantulus, and Rattrap

Number in Collection: 1549 - 1551

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How the hell?????

Damn I want those!

Giga found them like 2 weeks ago at Toys R Us apparently.

He also hid a Rattrap at Target this week before I got to the toys so I would not buy it.

He's a sneaky bastard that Giga is!

That should go up to 1552.

You now possess all necessary pieces to assemble Transmutate.

1553 actually. I had forgotten that Transmutate is an actual figure that should count.

I've corrected that error.

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