G1 Richochet Commemorative Series IX

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G1 Richochet Commemorative Series IX

So yeah, I already own the Takara Stepper reissue which is the source for Hasbro's Richochet figure which was never released here in the states in the 80s.

He's pretty much the last commemorative reissue figure to be sold by Toys R Us, excluding Astrotrain, who is being sold by the online Hasbro Toyshop.

Anyway, I wasn't going to get the Hasbro release unless I found him way cheap. Recent stops at the WeBeToys price scanned him at $34 which was just way too much to pay for him.

Even today, at Hamilton Road WeBeToys he was $34.

Now Giga and Evebird, while running around tonight, managed to hit the West Broad WeBeToys and guess what? He was frigg'n $9!!!

Nine dollars!!!

Why can these stores differ so greatly? It is insane. It is like this at Target and the much despised W place too.

Number in Collection: 1526

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