Unclean! Unclean!



I suppose it is because I am the lame.

I ended up just buying the Cybertron mini-con 2 packs online at the Master Collector store of all places.

I feel guilty and dirty inside.

For one I bought mini-cons that I already have in some shape, color, or form. Sometimes more than one.

And secondly I bought them from the collector store and paid their shipping and handling.

Dirty. Very dirty.

Then again I no longer possess the ambition to wander Cowtown's retail stores on a plastic crack hunt. I shouldn't feel dirty.

Dirty yes. All plastic crack purchases no matter how small should make an adult feel unclean.

Guilty? Probably not.


I used TRUs' 25% off sale to justify purchase of the first three sets. I do like the jet molds, but I've had these same toys in storage for 2 years with the rest of the Armada.

Worse, once you have the minicons you think, "who would these look good attached to?", which led me to purchase Longrack, even though I promised myself I wouldn't purchase those sub-standard remolds.

I'm not proud, but I do have a heavily armed longrack in my office.

TRU had tons of at least 2 of the 3 two-packs, which is why I didnt pick them up. In fact, I think you were in one with me and passed on em because of the line, too. Wait, there's now six 2-packs?

With three more on the way.

I love minicons, but not the same ones over and over and over.

But, I might just get the Emergency team all over again. Firebot is the reason they invented mini-con ports.

Alex: 25% off would have helped. I caved in to the fact that they were in stock.


The mold they used for "Shockwave" is actually pretty nice when mounted on E-Slugslinger's arms.

And I hated him in Armada but I so love Longrack for some reason. I don't understand it.

Yes...it is hard to explain but I also like Longrack. In some ways it's a very bad mold (arms do nothing, odd looking vehicle), but in some ways it's a very good mold (one of the best head molds in years, and that claw arm is really kind of fun to fiddle with).

Not to mention, the yellow missile launcher minicon can slide in behind his head to make sort of a boba fett rocket pack. Sweet.

It's not that bizarre. The robot modes in Energon were pretty homogenized, and it's nice to have some molds that have bizarre proportions. Not bizarre like Fattimus Prime or BW Quickstrike, but like Crumplezone's ape arms or Cyb-Red Alert's bulky legs. It tends to give them a little more character.

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