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Not much on the TF front.

While others have had luck in finding new crack in the Cowlands, yours truly has pretty much given up and quite frankly, I'm too old and don't care enough to run around to stores anymore.

So. I'll get things when I find them.

I doubt I'll even get anything for the holidays since there's not been too much around.

No biggie really.

I've lost interest in Transformers for the moment anyway.

But I do need to get Frowny's Mach Alert in the mail soon.


"I doubt I'll even get anything for the holidays since there's not been too much around."

Uh. You're not getting any because you said we were only doing practical gifts, not because I didnt find any. (What I did find, they had lots of...)

Not until I send payment you don't!

It was what, $6 plus S&H? What's yer going rate on that, anyway?

Giga: Well you could have bought me the stuff and NOT as a gift now couldn't you have? I'm not without means... just that I hate going out driving aimlessly around the Cowlands.

Frowny: I have no clue. Probably $4-$5 for the package. That Mach Alert comes in the box and I found a box that may work. Unfortunately, I don't have time to wait in line at the post office (way long lines) but I'll get on it as soon as the holiday is over.

Apparently, at Beechwold, they now have an automated package stand which weighs the package and tells you how much it would be for each rate, and then, if you swipe your card, will give you postage to put on it. I heard some guy talking about it in line at the one by Mediocre Buffet.

I could've bought stuff, but like I said, what I found was everywhere and in great number, so I passed. Nothing in short supply is still on the shelves. Hell, Target doesnt even have 2 pegs full at either store, last time I checked. And TRU had been decimated as well.

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